Welcome! I am a clinical psychologist, coach, and consultant with a mindful, positive orientation. I view life as a journey of growth, and our difficulties as encouragements to evolve.  On this website, I have provided text, audio, and video files to help you progress.

There is also much guidance on my previous website. To go there, click www.spencershermanphd.com.

At present, the audio files play on iPhones, iPads, and computers using the Firefox browser, but not on Android devices. Click on the small arrow underneath the photo.

Look and Listen includes YouTube videos. You will find a brief introduction to my teaching and “Stress Release and Mindfulness in Two Minutes.” I suggest pausing the video when it ends and practicing for a few minutes more.

To contact me, email spencer@drspencersherman.com.

                               bristlecone pines

                    the oldest living things on earth

                       white mountains, california       

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